More on the trade

I just got the Edmonton Oilers Pipeline email regarding the trade, which includes comments from Kevin Lowe and Patrick LaForge. Lowe says:

I want to be very clear that making this trade today is a hockey decision. It was not financial.

I want everyone to know that our decision was much more to do with a plan than a reaction.

A hockey decision?! Trading your top player who you can clearly afford is not a good hockey decision in my book. And LaForge had this to say:

We can afford to spend the money necessary to have the kind of elite players expected.

Is that right? Then why not spend the money to keep Ryan Smyth?

I also think the headline on proves just how bad a deal this is.

Oilers obtain Nilsson and O’Marra

Nuh uh. “Oilers fuck up and trade Ryan Smyth” should be the headline.

5 thoughts on “More on the trade

  1. Although I was originally upset with the deal, I understand the hockey point of it as I posted. And maybe this is part of a master plan by Kevin to rent him out and get some prospects and then resign him in the summer. Weight did it last year. Not out of the realm of possibility.

  2. Assuming we resign him. As you can see in most recent interviews with Smyth, he never seemed happy that he hadn’t been signed to the Oilers. This debacle will probably make him more angry.

  3. How can you be mad or hurt? If anything you should be hurt by Smyth saying he wouldn’t take the home town paycut. The new CBA is the reason Smyth is gone, Smyth reportedly turned down 5.5 million and in my opinion 5.5 million should buy you a 40 goal scorer and not a 30 goal scorer (thats without taking into conisderation the other things Smyth contributes).

    Clearly Smyth wanted to test the free agent market and today Lowe made a good hockey move that made me respect him a lot more as a GM. Lowe got something instead of nothing. The fact that he got Ryan O’Marra (a possible future Mark Messier) makes this deal a lot sweeter. O’Marra showed a lot of maturity at the world juniors this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be the next Steve Yzerman.

    If you look at the Oiler’s prospects list it reads like a whos who of the world juniors of the past 3 years plus we have 3 first round picks this year, in 2 years I am betting you won’t miss Smyth at all.

  4. Yeah, I understand that we got something instead of nothing, that makes perfect sense.

    Look at your comment though. A lot of it is based on assumptions. You are assuming O’Marra will turn out to be a good player. You are assuming our prospects pan out and that we don’t trade them. How many times have we seen top prospects turn out to be crap?

    So for once Smyth wants an amount closer to what he deserves and we’re supposed to be mad at him? He’s had opportunities for more money in the past and turned them down because he believes in the Oilers. I won’t for a second be mad at Smyth for not taking "the home town paycut" this time.

  5. From what I understand it was a difference of 5.5 mil per year and 6.0 mil per year.
    A lot of times we want to blame the organization for not dishing out more money. But at some point the player has to ask himself just how much they want to stay. But I still believe it was a rental player thing.

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