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Post ImageThis is something I have been thinking about for a while. I got an email this week from Pete Quily, asking if Edmonton had anything like the kind of directory he is looking for in Vancouver. Here’s what he wants:

With the large number of techies/bloggers/web workers/geeks/wired folk/internet businesses/pick your preferred word in the Vancouver area, why isn’t there a comprehensive directory of such people and organizations/nonprofits/businesses?

I want that for Edmonton too!

So just like I have been doing with edmontontech, I have started tagging blogs at del.icio.us with the tag edmontonblogs. This is really more of an “in the meantime” kind of activity, because as Pete points out, an actual directory website would be much more useful. Maybe I’ll build it one of these days.

I actually have an excellent domain name for it – blogosphere.ca. As you can see, we haven’t touched it since 2004. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to throw together some kind of directory with OPML and feeds broken down by city. BlogsCanada had potential, but it seems to have died. Another similar site is the Canadian Tech Mob, but it’s tech only, and nearly impossible to navigate (seriously didn’t webrings die in 1999?).

Okay I better go before I start writing code. I’m off to Calgary in the morning for a meeting!

Read: Pete Quily

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Bloggers

  1. If you want an Edmonton blogging group why doesn’t someone join the metroblogging group. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have sites along with 24 US cities and 22 other cities worldwide. Just a thought.

  2. It’s different though. Metroblogging is more focused on blogging about the city – I don’t want to be that specific. I just want a clean, fast directory of all the bloggers/tech companies/geeks etc in a given city. I don’t care if they actually blog about their city or not.

    I want the directory to have an RSS feed, so I can see when new bloggers are added/join. Another feed/page for recently updated blogs would be good too. I want an OPML file, so I can load up everyone’s blog from that city (and other directories can too). And I want it all to be a clean, simple interface. It should not be focused on aggregating content from all of the blogs together, but instead of helping you find blogs in a given city.

  3. Built it and I shall come….I have been looking for something like this. Surprising that it doesn’t exist already, as it makes sense to find people within yoiur community who are like minded.

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