Mini Y2K? Nope – Y2K7

Post ImageI have been reading about the upcoming daylight saving time change taking place this weekend, and it sounds like a big headache. The problem is described in this CNET article:

Thanks to a federal law aimed at reducing energy costs, daylight saving time starts three weeks earlier and runs one week later in the fall. However, without an update, many computers and digital gadgets can’t automatically adjust to the new time, potentially wreaking havoc on corporate scheduling for the next three weeks.

The change affects Canada too. The article goes on to mention Y2K and how it is somewhat similar, and I thought – it’s like a mini Y2K! And then I came across this Wikipedia entry:

Y2K7 refers to the Year 2007 problem, caused by a US-mandated change to Daylight Saving Time, which could have widespread repercussions in the computer industry.

I should have known that there would already be a clever name for this problem. I also learned from the entry that there is a Year 2038 problem too.

The change means that daylight saving time starts this Sunday and ends on the first Sunday in November. The Wikipedia entry contains some helpful resources, and Microsoft’s support page for the change is here.

Read: CNET

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