Notes for 4/1/2007

Here are my weekly notes for April Fool’s Day 2007 (no pranks though, promise):

  • Here’s the Wikipedia entry for April Fool’s Day, and here’s a list of all the pranks that have appeared today.
  • Megan had a gathering on Friday – here’s the pictures. Jane is having one Saturday!
  • I’ve heard rumors that Mick McGeough might not be allowed to work during the playoffs. I hope they are true – at some point, referees have to made accountable. This article describes just how bad McGeough is.
  • Paul Brown from 100.3 The Bear is an idiot, and he admits it. Damn funny stand up comic too!
  • Is Dyson going to be launching a Roomba killer? I hope so! Not because I dislike iRobot’s Roomba, but rather, I want to see robots fight. Don’t you? Bring on the robot wars!
  • How do you get from New York to Dublin? You swim 3,462 miles according to Google Maps!
  • I think I have finally figured out how to update Twitter and my Facebook status at the same time. Maybe I’ll post some code this week.

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