Hey Facebook – integrate Twitter!

Post ImageDear Facebook,

You’re a great website, and I love you. In fact, I spend far more time with you than I should. As a result, I have started to notice your wrinkles. You know, the little things that stick out. Sometimes they are endearing, other times they are annoying.

The way you change my status updates is annoying.

Why must you change the point of view of my updates? Stop it, please. You’re cramping my creative style with your darn status update restrictions.

Earlier tonight I sent the following status update:

Lately I check Facebook for new stuff before I check my blog for new comments. Sad.

You butchered it. You converted my perfectly good update to:

Mack is lately he check Facebook for new stuff before he check his blog for new comments. Sad.

What the hell is that?! The way you ruined a perfectly good update is what’s sad. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. I mean, the over 6600 people in this group clearly agree with me.

You should take a page out of your younger cousin‘s playbook*. Better yet, integrate! I mean, Twitter is clearly ahead of you in the status updates department. You know that status update of mine that you butchered? Twitter accepted it just fine. And Twitter even gave me a permalink!

Please Facebook, think about it. I’d ask you to add status updating to your API as well, but let’s go one step at a time. The first step is simple: stop screwing with my status updates.

Your Friend,


* – younger cousin in the great family of Web 2.0 applications…

4 thoughts on “Hey Facebook – integrate Twitter!

  1. It’s perfect for KoGs who loves to talk in third person. It only took him 1 try to see what the format is to get the hang of it. He’s actually never had Facebook change the point of view on him, because he never gave them a chance. Though some may disagree, this is a form of creative writing as well.

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