ETS fares could rise drastically in 2008

Post ImageIf you think a $59 monthly pass for Edmonton’s Transit System is expensive now, wait a year. A proposed fare policy would increase the cost of a monthly pass to a whopping $74:

Coun. Mike Nickel supports the hike, arguing transit has to recover more of its costs through the fare box. He rejects suggestions that the increase would lead to a drop in ridership.

“No I don’t think it will discourage ridership. Actually, people have to measure their other modes of transit against the costs of ridership. Gas is costing more for your car, insurance is costing more for your car.”

Actually insurance is getting cheaper in Alberta, is it not? And Mr. Nickel neglects to recognize that lots people (myself included) don’t replace a vehicle with public transit entirely, they use both. I save most of my money not on gas and insurance, but on parking.

Here are the prices in a few other Canadian cities:

  • Calgary: $75/month
  • Vancouver: $69/month for 1 zone, $95/month for 2 zones, and $130/month for 3 zones
  • Ottawa: $71.25/month

Compared with those cities, the proposed fare for Edmonton feels like a rip-off does it not? Calgary and Vancouver for sure have better transit systems than Edmonton does (partially as a result of geography and population density). On the other hand, a monthly pass in Red Deer is $58, so maybe it’s not such a bad deal after all.

Any fare hike would not take place until 2008, and it has to get to city council first anyway (currently it is with the council’s transportation committee).

Read: CBC News

4 thoughts on “ETS fares could rise drastically in 2008

  1. While I agree that our transit system sucks, I think that something is needed to improve it. More $$ for monthly passes, more improvements, more buses on the roads, less wait times? (One could only hope)

  2. "Compared with those cities, the proposed fare for Edmonton feels like a rip-off does it not? Calgary and Vancouver for sure have better transit systems than Edmonton does (partially as a result of geography and population density)."

    Actually, it’s partly because the cities of Vancouver and Calgary were not designed by brain-damaged orangutans. Our transit system is poor because our city has never had competent city planners!

  3. So, my car was towed. I have no reliable way to get to work ( read: none of my friends wake up before noon )

    So I call ETS. It’s been a minute so I refamiliarize myself with the embarrassment we call a mass transit system.

    I live south of Ellerslie. Meaning I have to wake up, do a stretch and some pilates so I have the strength required to walk to 2Km walk to the bus stop. Muscle spasm’s be be damned, there is no bus seat or shelter… not for us tough rough edmontonians.. It wouldn’t be right to take the bus and not have windswept hair and a calluses on your cheeks.

    Anyway then, they expect us to take a bus to LAKEWOOD. Why would I wanna go to Millwoods? I’ tryign to get downtown here.

    It takes 2 buses and a train ride to get anywhere. This is from Lakewood. There is a direct bus from Millwoods Town Center(MTC) to the downtown VICINITY that is “Express”. They should be sued for false advertising as this bus is not a downtown bus nor expres.. but I digress; The bus is not even available from my end of town ( which is 3 minutes driving time MAX from the MTC ) TO get on this magical bus I must first proove my worth by going through TWO other buses to get on this magical carpet ride that drops me off 4 blocks from my destination. Sad. Just pathetic.

    I blame bad planning for the fee hike, not the economy or extensions. If the buses were more efficient, we wouldn’t need as many and there would be more ridership. But as it is, it sucks, they do nothing but eat money and wonder why every year nobody new is taking the bus!

    I ended up taking a cab today because it was all too complicated for my fragile pre-9am brain. I also missed the bus home so that’s 60 dollars in cab rides already. Now, tomorrow morning do you thin I should catch 2 buses to get on the Express or just stick to th regular route which is also 3 buses and takes the exact amount of time??? Express my A$$. Either way I still have a 2k walk to even GET to the busstop and have the privilege of paying $2.75 for this sorry excuse for a commute!!

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