Notes for 4/8/2007

Long time no post! My mind has been elsewhere, I guess. Still been Twittering though! Here are my weekly notes:

  • We launched a new Podcast Spot update yesterday.
  • I tried the new Dulce de Leche from Starbucks on Thursday. It’s not bad, but a little too sweet. Reminds me of the Caramel Corretto at Second Cup. I also discovered that PepsiCo bottles the Frappuccino drinks for Starbucks – never buying those again!
  • Jane’s gathering last night was fun! My photos are here, and there’s more on Facebook.
  • Sharon and I watched Jesus Camp on Friday. I won’t even comment on the content, but the film itself was poorly made in my opinion – it felt as though there was no direction whatsoever. On the plus side, it felt much shorter than 84 minutes.
  • We also tried Tzin, a new-ish restaurant here in Edmonton. It’s tiny, and expensive. Otherwise it was pretty good. I love their hours of operation.
  • Sensationalist headline of the week: Proof-of-concept iPod virus discovered. Puhleez.
  • Both Edmonton and Carolina will be watching from the sidelines during the NHL playoffs this year. It’s the first time in NHL history that both defending conference champs have failed to make the playoffs. Carolina is just the third team in NHL history to miss the playoffs the year after winning the Stanley Cup.

3 thoughts on “Notes for 4/8/2007

  1. I’m amused by the hours of the operation. However, I’ve read that you schedule an appointment at a random time at 10:03, people are more apt to show up on time.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true Shermie!

    Colin – I think it says no minors because it is a wine and tapas bar. Actually, I am not sure if they serve anything other than wine…that’s all I remember seeing!

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