Brain Dump for 4/11/2007

Time for a brain dump:

  • Happy Birthday Megan!
  • The new and improved look for Facebook is now live. I like it so far…here is the redesign tour and associated blog post.
  • I kind of like Jaiku. For one thing, it’s a heck of a lot faster than Twitter. Once they have a properly working API, things will get interesting. Here’s my page.
  • Details on Zune 2.0 have been leaked!
  • I quite like the song “You Are the One” by Shiny Toy Guns. Apparently it is used in the soundtrack for FIFA 07.
  • probably pissed a lot of people off tonight. He finally did something interesting (he got laid) and he didn’t even show it! Audio only haha. I was one of the 3000 people who saw the camera get turned away – thanks to the chatter on Twitter that alerted me to the drama (okay Scoble was right, Jaiku lacks the community that Twitter has).
  • I wish Edmonton had a 24-hour Starbucks!
  • I have a final exam tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Brain Dump for 4/11/2007

  1. Yep, Friday.

    Yes we have both, but Second Cup are not 24 hours either. And I don’t know about you, but Tim Hortons at 2 or 3 AM is generally not the best experience…theres uh…a different kind of population inside usually. And not all of them are 24 hours either, for precisely that reason.

  2. I also wish for 24 hour Starbucks, but I wish for quiet zone Starbucks even more. Anyhow, a final exam already?! Is it a night course? I also posted on your wall what I think about Facebook’s new design.

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