Why does Microsoft hate Opera?

Post ImageI just went to checkout the Silverlight website, and was presented with this message:

Your current browser does not support WPF/E (codename). Click here for more details on WPF/E-supported browsers and platforms.

I am using Opera of course. So I click through to the suggested link, and here’s what I find:

Silverlight media capabilities include fast, cost-effective delivery of high-quality audio and video to all major browsers including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer running on the Mac or on Windows.


According to these stats, Safari had 1.7% market share last month compared with Opera’s 1.6%. The numbers are a little lower at Wikipedia, but it’s not like Safari has ten times the market share.

I realize that Safari is the offical browser for the Mac, but I still think that Opera is being unfairly left out by Microsoft. And it’s not the first time – it took them a very long time to support Opera with ASP.NET Ajax.

Especially with Silverlight, I think Opera should be supported. It is widely used on mobile phones and other devices, like the Nintendo Wii.

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3 thoughts on “Why does Microsoft hate Opera?

  1. I agree.

    It’s a bit pitiful that MS discards Opera on the Silverlight front but let’s see if the coming month or two changes that.

    It may be due to the rather humiliating response MS got when Yahoo drew MS, Mozilla and Opera together in a session which you can find here: http://operawatch.com/news/2007/03/opera-mozilla-and-ie-get-together-at-a-yahoo-hosted-event.html

    Anyway everyone who has any push on MS should use it to make Silverlight truly cross-browser and cross-platform.


  2. Becoz Opera doesn’t deserve any of the new technologies.

    I bet that the user share of Opera will remain around 1%.
    While Safari is gaining heights every month.

    Now it is at 2.8% while Opera is at still 1.6%
    Don’t talk about Firefox. It will become the prominent browser soon. Now it is over 40%.
    In June it was 41%.

    Long Live Mozilla. Long Live Firefox

  3. Obviously they want Opera to keep a low-profile becouse it is the most best ‘n most stable browser out there, so they need to put shit in the wheels of the Opera Van!

    Opera is the best browser and it will always be.

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