Notes for 4/15/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • My Dad relaunched his SportsGuru blog this past week, and from time to time I’ll make some posts there was well. Here’s my first post.
  • Tom came to town late Friday night for a visit and computer help. And Xbox 😉
  • Went to Squires last night to celebrate Megan’s birthday. It was fun!
  • You probably saw this on the news, but Apple announced this week that they have sold 100 million iPods. Hardly surprising, but still impressive.
  • Apparently the Twitter dev team thinks the performance of Ruby on Rails is horrible. Python, Java, and PHP are mentioned as alternatives. The author of the post says: “At one time, Java was almost unacceptably slow. That has changed.” Has it really? I don’t think it has. ASP.NET people!
  • I am excited for Thursday – finally a new episode of Smallville!
  • Just found this: the tech formerly known as WPF/E is now Silverlight.

One thought on “Notes for 4/15/2007

  1. OK, "Vista" grew on me, but "Silverlight" is not at all likely to and it isn’t very descriptive.

    I don’t believe it will allow for video capture/upload which is becoming a key flash attribute.

    I’m not familiar with the design tool for Silverlight (it’s even long to type), even though I’m familiar with Expression.

    Apparently two of the four Expression tools will be placed into MSDN subscriptions (Web and Blend) but the others have to be paid.

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