Notes for 4/22/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Happy Earth Day! Forbes has a list of the world’s greenest billionaires. New York plans to add one million new trees to the city’s landscape by 2017. There’s lots more Earth Day news at Yahoo.
  • Mom and Dad left this evening…was good to see them this weekend! Congrats to Kim on graduating from MacEwan!
  • Just watched Detroit eliminate Calgary in game 6, which makes me happy. Unfortunately Tampa Bay lost today. Go Vancouver tomorrow!
  • So Windows XP is once again available on some Dell machines. It’s not as big a deal as the headlines would have you believe!
  • Finally saw Blood Diamond last night, and I liked it. The amazing thing is that there were so many storylines they could have followed!
  • I suppose I should do some studying…two finals this week!

6 thoughts on “Notes for 4/22/2007


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