Notes for 5/13/2007

Wow, another long time in between posts, this is not like me! I had a good reason though – Traz. Here are my weekly notes:

  • Traz is my Mom and Dad’s new puppy. He came all the way from New Brunswick and stayed with me Friday before heading to his new home in Yellowknife on Saturday. He’s totally cute. Here are some photos I took, and here are some from my Dad. Puppies are a lot of work! Good luck Dad.
  • Kim looked after Traz on Friday night for a few hours so I could go with Megan and Aimee to see Brand New at the Edmonton Events Centre (formerly known as Reds). It was a good show. They played a long instrumental piece at the end which Aimee liked, but I wasn’t so keen on.
  • The final episode of Smallville’s sixth season airs Thursday. It had better be good. I wasn’t that impressed with this week’s ep.
  • Microsoft showed off a public beta of Halo 3 on Friday – gamers gave it mixed reviews but there’s lots of time to go before it is launched. On the topic of games, check out the official Simpsons-themed Xbox 360.
  • Back in December the city of São Paulo banned outdoor advertisements. Here are some photos of the city from this month and last. I think the law should be reviewed. The city looks barren and ghostly now.
  • What a cool idea: a vending machine that allows “watching ads” as a form of payment for drinks.
  • News of the Windows Live Folders beta broke yesterday…is a “Windows Live Drive” on the way? I hope so. Some competition for Amazon S3 would be good.
  • As those of you on Facebook are probably aware, I’ve got a giant card for Mr. Rice who is retiring as principal of McNally after decades? on the job. Let me know if you want to sign it and we’ll work out a time. If you’re not in Edmonton anymore, email me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Notes for 5/13/2007

  1. You’re right, Traz is very cute and he sure seemed to follow you around like a little puppy. Tee hee hee. I hope you got a better sleep than on Friday night!

    I really enjoyed Brand New; it was worth the drive down from Fort McMurray. The last number was fantastical! Why did you not enjoy?

  2. Like Megan said Aimee, the last number was a bit drawn out!

    Shermie: My parents went to San Francisco on vacation last summer and really liked it, so the name Traz comes from Alcatraz. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s growing on me 🙂

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