Notes for 6/3/2007

Can you believe it’s June already? Here are my weekly notes:

  • For a computer geek, I sure have spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend! I walked about 32 blocks on Friday in the scorching heat with Sharon to check out Famoso (it was kinda like “Quizno’s for pizza”). Went to a BBQ/water fight yesterday. And today I spent a lot of time planting flowers.
  • On that note, I have new-found appreciation for gardening. Not only is it time consuming and laborious, it’s expensive! Who knew flowers could cost so much?
  • Last week I mentioned the giant wild pig, and wondered how it got so big. This week, the answer: it was raised on a farm and recently sold to a hunting preserve.
  • Don’t you hate it when you order something from a fast food restaurant only to discover that it looks nothing like what you saw in the commercial? Here’s a collection of images showing just that.
  • This news is a bit old, but apparently you can send an email to Canada Post and they’ll turn it into snail mail for you. The service is called EasyPost.
  • Facebook Polls launched recently, and initially it blocked “restricted text” like MySpace, Orkut, and Friendster from being used in the poll. Kinda funny…a rep for the company said it was due to “outdated code” – riiiight.

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