Notes for 6/10/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • The rookie Lewis Hamilton won his first F1 race at the Canadian Grand Prix today. I called it! He’s had an amazing start to his career – 6 races, 6 podiums.
  • So far the applications on Facebook have worked fairly well, but I knew it couldn’t last forever. I was surfing some profiles tonight and saw one of the applications had puked out a bunch of error text. It didn’t affect the page at all, it just looked ugly.
  • Have you seen the logo for the London 2012 games? I think it sucks.
  • Eric Rice has an interesting discussion on his blog about Google Maps StreetView and terrorism. My take: it doesn’t make terrorism any easier or more likely.
  • This Matrix-inspired comic about Vista SP1 is really funny, but really geeky. That said, I absolutely love The Matrix, so I am not complaining!
  • I absolutely love Rihanna’s new album, Good Girl Gone Bad. My favorite song at the moment is “Don’t Stop the Music” but the entire thing is just really enjoyable. Maybe I’ll write a review this week.
  • Tuesday afternoon is my convocation – finally! I am not looking forward to the ceremony so much as I am looking forward to not having to deal with school anymore.

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