Notes for 7/1/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Happy Canada Day everyone! A very impressive 140 years.
  • I have five Pownce invites to give out. Leave a comment with your email or contact me if you want one. I’ll write about the site later…not that impressed.
  • The Oilers traded captain Jason Smith as well as Joffrey Lupul to the Flyers for Joni Pitkanen and Geoff Sanderson earlier today. The Rangers picked up both Gomez and Drury, leaving Smyth as one of the few remaining “big” names available (as of right now at least). I don’t think he’s coming back to Edmonton though.
  • Here is the iPhone disassembled.
  • Another really cool “world statistics” visualization, this one with deaths broken down by cause.
  • Open-air urinals are coming to Whyte Avenue. I doubt they will be very effective, but you never know.
  • Rolling Stone article on the decline of the music industry.
  • I decided to give Google Reader a try this week. I like that it works in Opera – it feels snappier than the NewsGator Online beta too.

7 thoughts on “Notes for 7/1/2007

  1. Yeah, I do. However, I’m keeping my livejournal feeds like 43 Folders, Lifehack and Lifehacker because I like the esthetics of livejournal. Let me know how Pownce is different from Facebook.

  2. The only thing they really have in common is spamming your inbox with notifications by default…so stupid.

    Anyway, it’s more like Twitter or Jaiku than Facebook…but I’ll write more later.

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