Laura Vandervoort is Supergirl

I was pretty sure Kristen Bell wouldn’t be cast as Supergirl, but that didn’t stop me from hoping! Turns out I was right, she won’t be making an appearance on Smallville, as the CW has announced their choice for the role:

Look, up in the sky: it’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s…Supergirl! This fall, Supergirl will be joining the lineup of burgeoning superheroes and villains in SMALLVILLE.

Laura Vandervoort (The Lookout, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”) has been cast as Kara – Clark’s (Tom Welling) 19-year-old cousin.

I don’t know much about her, but I think they made a good choice. She’s young, hot, and Canadian! Okay she’s from Toronto, but still. Her Wikipedia entry is here, and her IMDB profile is here. Her last name has a cool sound to it too, don’t you think?

According to IMDB, the first episode of season seven (titled Bizarro) will air on September 28th. Just over two months to go!

Read: CW Blog

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