Notes for 8/12/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Another Gnomedex has come and gone. I didn’t go this year, unfortunately. On the other hand, all the related Twitter messages from the last couple of days make it seem like high school all over again. Too much needless bickering. Perhaps it would have been different in person?
  • Really interesting diagram that shows the cycle of a fan.
  • Rob Safuto has an interesting post examining the podcasting industry landscape. I should give it some more thought, but I more or less agree – there’s some good stuff happening, and some not so good stuff happening. Not sure how to get rid of the not so good stuff.
  • John pointed me to the Massive Technology Show happening here in Edmonton at the end of September. Anyone going?
  • Apparently there is a really good meteor shower happening right now. I wonder if I’ll be able to see anything in the city…
  • What happened to the weather? Enough with the rain, let’s get back to the high twenties!

4 thoughts on “Notes for 8/12/2007

  1. Mack:

    We will be exhibiting at the Massive Tech show….not sure how much of a success we can expect, but any show that doesn’t require travel is that much easier to justify. Just got back tonight from a Chicago Show, and we are probably $25k lighter 😦

  2. Chris – that’s cool about Massive. I read your posts about going to Chicago for the show, and it sounds like it was a big deal. That does sound quite pricey though! Hopefully it went well (aside from that).

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