Notes for 9/3/2007

Weekly notes, this time on holiday Monday:

  • Can’t believe it’s already September!
  • On that note…I’m so happy I don’t have to go to school this week. I can honestly say I don’t miss going to class at all. I admit I’m somewhat curious to see what has changed on campus over the summer.
  • For those of you in Calgary: have you ever been to Yardhouse Restaurant? A friend sent me this blog post which says that the Yardhouse has 100 wings for $15!!! Definitely going to have to check that out next time I’m in Calgary.
  • Russell Beattie says: Buy Opera. I love the desktop browser, but Russell says the company is valuable mainly because of Opera Mini.
  • I’m guilty of having lots of electronics in my bedroom – cell phone, computer(s), TV, Xbox, etc. Interesting story (though not surprising) that all of those gadgets in the bedroom lead to “junk sleep” in teenagers.
  • Is Vancouver Canada’s greatest startup city? There’s certainly lots of cool stuff happening there.
  • Hope you had a good long weekend! Mine was pretty good. Dickson & Andrew hosted a pretty awesome BBQ yesterday. Jane moved into her own place on Saturday and a bunch of us helped. Tom was up in Edmonton for a soccer tournament this weekend (they finished 4th). Got a haircut, washed my car, did some other random things.

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