Things I should have posted about already

I really don’t like these “catch up” blog posts, but they sure are easy to write. Here are a few things I’ve been meaning to post about!

The Casino
I worked at the Baccarat Casino here in Edmonton on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. The reason? Fundraiser for The Learning Centre. We raised quite a bit of money, so that’s great! My position was the banker, which means I was responsible for all the money and chips. When tables needed chips, they would call for a chip run. I would do the transaction, prepare the chips, and send them with a chip runner (another volunteer). It was also my job to ensure the cashiers had enough money to give out when patrons brought us their chips.

A few things of interest:

  • Apparently Alberta is the only province in Canada that still allows volunteers to handle money and chips at casino fundraising events.
  • Working a casino can be pretty boring. There are long stretches of time when there is very little to do. On the other hand, you get free food!
  • It is extremely hard to screw up. Not surprising I guess, but there are always at least two people doing everything (counting, for instance) and even the software I had to use was smart enough to prevent me from making mistakes (like giving too much money or something).
  • There’s a wide range of people at the casino. One person might come to exchange ten dollars worth of chips, the next might exchange ten thousand dollars worth. One or both of them might be drunk.

Not sure I would volunteer to work two days in a row again (so tired) but I am glad I was able to help out!

YRAP presents RestorAction
restoraction Another group I volunteer with is the Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP). Our second annual charity gala is coming up on October 13th. Funds raised will go towards mentoring programs for at-risk youth. Mentors will use the funds for such things as enrollment in music or art programs and providing materials for extracurricular activities. The main aims of this program are to direct youth away from negative or criminal activities and focus their time on alternative and positive social activities and become contributing members of society.

You can find out more information at the RestorAction website. If you want tickets, let me know!

The Dollar
For the first time in 31 years, the Canadian dollar reached parity with the American dollar. That’s pretty crazy. As a consumer, I think it’s great…well as soon as prices are updated to reflect the parity. As a small business owner offering services in U.S. dollars, it’s not so great.

Developer Night in Canada III

John Bristowe will be in town on Wednesday evening for a session on “Bringing the Power of the .NET Framework to Your Existing Application” being held at the downtown library. John will go through some real-world tips and tricks for migrating to .NET, and he’ll cover some of the issues that you might encounter when integrating with legacy applications.

Canadian developers will share their experiences and insights, and you can too! You can find more information and register here. Also, don’t forget about Edmonton Code Camp coming up in October.

One thought on “Things I should have posted about already

  1. I love the loonie!

    Thanks for the Developer night & Code Camp links. Being new to Edmonton, we don’t know where to look for that kind of stuff. awesome!

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