Notes for 9/23/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

4 thoughts on “Notes for 9/23/2007

  1. Curious as to why you park in family spots? Do you view as discrimination against people that don’t have families?

    Also, while I don’t think preferred parking spots at Ikea is going to make me purchase a hybrid – I like the message of being environmentally friendly.

    Did you know that Lauren and Audrina from the Hills is doing a photo shoot for Maxim? Here is a link to the (sexy)video.

  2. I have two reasons for parking in family spots. Number one, there are FAR too many of them. Number two, such things didn’t exist twenty years ago and it seems to me that parents and their children got along just fine. I don’t understand why we need them now. Especially when you consider how many children are obese. Make them walk.

    Audrina did a pretty sexy photoshoot for the final issue of Stuff this month too…guess I am going to have to buy the Maxim now as well! Thx for the link!

  3. Because Green Bay = teh awesome! 3-0 AND Favre is quite the superstar so far this season.

    And also…I park in family spots all the time. It’s stupid. There’s no ticketable offense related to parking there.

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