Notes for 10/14/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • The RestorAction Charity Gala last night was a major success! The signed Oilers jersey ended up going for $675. I’ll have pictures up as soon as I get my camera back from Sharon.
  • Tomorrow is Blog Action Day! “One issue. One Day. Thousands of voices.” The topic tomorrow is the environment. If you’re a blogger you should totally take part!
  • Also tomorrow is Edmonton’s municipal election. I was out yesterday morning dropping flyers for George Rice, my former principal, who is running in Ward G for the Public School Trustee position. I live in Ward G, so I’ll obviously be voting for him! Get out and vote!
  • With Al Gore winning the Nobel, I expected the chatter about a potential presidential bid to increase. Didn’t expect the commentary to suggest a run is less likely now though! This article and this article explain things quite well.
  • Interesting post from Nick Carr on the topic of super-inexpensive storage. The example he uses is definitely not typical, but it nonetheless illustrates that utility data storage (like S3) is really, really affordable. Now we just need other utility services to follow!
  • TechCrunch noted that the one year anniversary of GooTube was this past week.
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick says that Twitter is paying his rent! Essentially Marshall is finding that stories break on Twitter first. I’ve started getting the majority of my news through Twitter too.

My favorite song at the moment is The Pretender by Foo Fighters. Such a wicked track! Some other songs I’ve been enjoying: Hot by Avril Lavigne, How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty, Foundations by Kate Nash, and Say Goodbye To Love by Kenna. Oh and Gimme More by Britney Spears, which I commented about this week:

Enjoying Britney’s track “Gimme More”…Britney is like Michael Jackson…enjoy the music, ignore the person.

2 thoughts on “Notes for 10/14/2007

  1. Glad you posted about blog action day in your notes. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. I have several blogger friends that are environmentally aware and will really get into this. Thanks!

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