Notes for 10/28/2007

It feels to me like October has come and gone very quickly! I can’t believe that Halloween is on Wednesday. Oh well. Here are my weekly notes:

3 thoughts on “Notes for 10/28/2007

  1. It should be noted that the troubles in installing Leopard are a result of Unsanity’s Application Enhancer, and I believe, only occurs in an upgrade install, not a clean install. Aside from that, an upgrade install, according to everything I’ve read, is the way users should install Leopard.

  2. is one of the many Chinese startups now that is making it hard for US based technologies to penetrate Chinese market. The single biggest mistake most foreign based companies entering Chinese market have made, that I can see, is over-valuing the western brand and style. I go back to Shanghai every year and as a startup, I can assure you that I learn more about starting up a business there in 2 weeks than a year in Canada. They are not only aggressive, but also extremely sharp, agile, and innovative.

    North America China Equivalent
    MS IE MyIE
    eBay Taobao
    MSN Messenger QQ
    Paypal Taobao
    Google Baidu

    Pretty scary… Take a look at the math… MSN Messenger owning 100% of the US market equates to QQ having 19% of the Chinese market. So as much as we think Facebook, google, and others dominate the market, I believe in the big picture, having to dominate the US market only is only a small part of the total market.

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