Notes for 11/18/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

What I’m Listening To: Paramore
I’m addicted to Paramore! I first heard them on MTV Canada (which is funny, as the channel almost never shows music videos). They’re an extremely young group of four (age range is 17-22), fronted by the bright-orange-haired Hayley Williams. My favorite songs so far are "Crushcrushcrush" and "Misery Business" off their newest album Riot!. I also quite like "Emergency" off their first album, All We Know Is Falling. If you hear anything about them coming to Edmonton (or Canada, for that matter) let me know!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 11/18/2007

  1. I hate email too, and would not miss it at all! The only thing that can make a Monday morning worse is having 50 emails to weed through. I much prefer friends message me on Facebook (spamless)! To me, email’s *only* purpose is business-related communication.

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