Notes for 11/25/2007

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Happy Birthday Andrew and Jane and Ana!
  • I really like the new Flickr Uploadr beta. Check it out here.
  • Interesting article on how Apple’s iPod commercials are making stars out of new bands and artists. Apple is the new MTV.
  • From the "copyright-laws-are-stupid" department: "We are living in the "infringement age," where it’s impossible not to infringe on copyrights every single day — yet many people still don’t understand why it makes sense to change copyright laws to make them more reasonable." Read about the research paper here.
  • Who would have thought that simple typos could be such big business?
  • Striking stagehands in NY resumed talks with producers today. I hope they come to an agreement soon – we have tickets for Wicked!
  • December is going to be a crazy month for me. I’ll be in Edmonton for just a single week! On the 1st I fly to London, on the 16th I head to New York, and on the 23rd I am going home for Christmas to Yellowknife.

5 thoughts on “Notes for 11/25/2007

  1. Meg – glad to hear it!

    Shermie – business, going with two of my coworkers. Not sure how much "pleasure" time there will be, so I’ll definitely have to go back one day!

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