NY Day 2

I don’t think we did as much today as we did yesterday, but for some reason we’re both far more tired. I think all the walking is catching up to us! Not as many photos today…just added 47 to the set.

We decided to do the Top of the Rock in the morning, and that turned out to be a really good decision as the weather was wonderful. A little nippy, but sunny and mostly clear. Made for some excellent photos. I think given the choice I’d prefer to go to the top of Rockefeller Center again instead of the Empire State Building. It was really great to see NY from above.

Sharon & Mack NY Trip Throwing a penny NY Trip

Our next stop was the NBC Studio tour, but since we had a little bit of time in between, we stopped at McDonalds for a quick lunch. And my goodness was it ever quick. Honestly, I ordered, and barely had the change in my pocket by the time someone brought the food to the counter. It was insane. The place was also overrun with kids. Seems like there’s tons of field trips going on. The studio tour itself was kinda neat, but we couldn’t take any photos. We got to see Conan O’Brien’s studio, as well as the SNL studio. My first and lasting impression of Conan’s studio is that it is absolutely tiny. It looks ten times bigger on TV!

We stopped at McD's Radio City NBC Studios NY Trip

Our plan was then to go pickup tickets for the City Lights cruise. Which we attempted to do. The instructions on the marketing material are absolutely useless, and it took us forever to find the place. When we did, the ticket office was deserted. There wasn’t anyone in sight. This is despite the fact that it should have been open for another three hours or so. We gave up on that, and headed back to Macy’s for some shopping. I have never seen that many shoes in one place before! We also checked out the main Post Office building (to get stamps) before heading to Times Square for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. We checked out Bryant Park again, which had a special event going on tonight – something related to The Simpsons Movie.

NY Trip Rockefeller Tree NY Trip Skaters @ Rockefeller

Other than that we just wandered around a bit, saw the Rockefeller tree at night and the light show on the Saks building. We’re back at the hotel a bit earlier tonight, to get some rest for tomorrow – Broadway! We’re going to see Wicked.

2 thoughts on “NY Day 2

  1. Hi Sharon and Mack! LOVE THE PICS, so amazing! Looks like you guys are making the most of your time, be careful…don’t burn out, remember to rest your poor tired feet from all that walking and sit down to enjoy a coffee! Hope you made a wish Mack when you threw your penny into the Sea of Pennies!! BTW, was that a Canadian Penny?? He He I want a Friendosarus…Build a Dino, so cool and the M & M Store, out of this world, want that jacket! (for your Dad!) Love the picture of you both with the Empire State Building between you, such a great shot and you guys look good too! VERY NICE Photo of the two of you! Glad you are enjoying your holiday, I am loving the pics…Thank You! HAVE FUN and enjoy the show Wicked tmr night! HUGs xoxo

  2. Why is that you two suckers get to go to NYC and go shopping while I slave at work?

    LOL. jk

    Glad you guys are enjoying everything. Especially, Mack, who SURVIVED the infamous SATC tour! HAHA.

    Lub the pictures! Have fun. See you @ Denny’s on Sat!

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