NY Day 3

First, some sad news. My camera took a bit of a tumble at the Gershwin Theatre and isn’t working correctly anymore 😦 Something with the lens. Kinda sucks. Only uploaded 36 pictures today, but we still did quite a bit!

We got a late start this morning, mostly because we didn’t get to sleep early yesterday as planned. We discovered that the walls are quite thin, and our neighbour liked to chat on his phone. We learned his name, his job, his recent travel history, and that he apparently has pink eye (eewwwww!). He said some stuff that was just too funny and I couldn’t stop laughing! Anyway, we didn’t get to sleep very early.

Inside traffic control NY Trip Sharon @ The UN NY Trip

We started this morning by walking to the UN Headquarters which is about five minutes from our hotel. We didn’t do the tour or anything, just walked around the building and checked out the gift shops. Kind of a neat place, but I think you need to do the tour to really see it. After that it was back to Times Square to kill a few minutes before Wicked! Sharon thinks we’ve been to Times Square too often heh.

Wicked! At Wicked Darth Maq Mack @ Trump World Tower

I really, really enjoyed the show. It was, um, wicked! Very entertaining, with really amazing sets and sounds. It was actually quite funny in places too, thanks to some clever dialogue. When Sharon told me how much the tickets were a month or so ago ($130/each) I was a little worried, but I can safely say now that it was worth it. I’d definitely recommend Wicked, even for those of you who aren’t into theatre.

After Wicked we did a bit of shopping on the way to a restaurant called Becco. We had reservations and got in right away. Dinner was excellent, even in very tight quarters. The place was packed, and the tables weren’t very big. That’s pretty much the only negative to the whole experience though! I was just amazed by the bus boy in our section – he was a machine! So efficient, doing just about everything. I had the all-you-can-eat pasta they are famous for, and was not disappointed.

At Becco At Serendipity

We then walked quite a distance to Serendipity 3, for a second dinner! Heh, we had a reservation there too, and it just so happened that we had to do it on the same day (blame the planner…kidding Sharon). There was a crazy line for the place, and we had to wait a few minutes (even with the reservation), but not too long. I really wanted to go there as it is one of the key locations in Serendipity, one of my favorite movies with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. We had french toast, followed by the main event, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (like a giant bowl of ice cream, hot chocolate, and cream with four straws and two spoons). It was quite tasty.

Needless to say, I am stuffed. I think eating today made up for our smaller meals the last two days! Tomorrow we’re off to the southern part of Manhattan to see the WTC site, among other things.

2 thoughts on “NY Day 3

  1. I knew you were going to go to Serendipity, after you told me that was one of your fave movies. So jealous! You should send some of the funny things you heard to Overheard in New York because I read it obsessively.

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