NY Day 4

More photos uploaded from today, 41 to be exact! There would have been more but some of them turned out kinda blurry. I guess we miss the image stabilizer from my camera. Our day kinda started and ended with interesting Subway stories.

We walked to Grand Central this morning, stopping at McDonald’s on the way (which, again, was really fast). We were planning to go to Times Square to pickup our ferry tickets for the Statue of Liberty from Madame Tussauds. Instead, we ended up across the river in Queens! Heh, wasn’t a big deal, just took the train back again, but it illustrates how confusing the metro can be, at least compared to London’s tube. Either that, or we’re really daft.

We eventually made it, and I snagged a picture with Samuel L. Jackson. Pretty cool! We hopped back on the train to head to Wall Street. We made it just in time for the free walking tour, which was kind of interesting. We didn’t actually walk very far at all, but the tour guide sure knew her stuff. And she liked to talk. After a quick lunch at Au Bon Pain, we headed for the ferry.

Mack with Sam Jackson NY Trip At the Statue of Liberty Sharon with the NYSE tree NY Trip

I have lost count of how many security checkpoints we’ve been through here in NY, but enough that it’s no longer annoying. It’s almost expected…sad isn’t it? We finally got through and on the ferry to Liberty Island. It was freezing! Wimpy Canadians huh? We walked around the island a bit, took some photos, and considered going up to the observation platform of the statue, until we found out that you needed to book that two days in advance! Again, blame the planner 😉 I’m glad we went to see the Statue of Liberty, but on the whole, it was kind of underwhelming.

Once back on Manhattan, we walked around the World Trade Center site. It was completely fenced off, with active construction behind the walls. We did a bit of shopping, and then got back on the train to go to Union Square (by this time we had it all figured out). Again, did some shopping and then walked to a restaurant called S’Mac. All they serve is macaroni and cheese! It was pretty tasty, and very filling.

The famous Wall Street bull Mack on the ferry NY Trip Mac & Cheese

While waiting for the train to come back to the hotel tonight, we spotted two rats on the track. I figure no trip to NY is complete without seeing a rat, so I was somewhat excited. Sharon…not so much! We watched them until the train came, expecting them to scurry away as it approached. Except they didn’t. I’m not sure if they got squished, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

Tomorrow is a shopping day, with not much else planned. Should be good, after I get some rest!

2 thoughts on “NY Day 4

  1. That sucks about the statue of liberty. I remember when I went I didn’t have to book in advance!

    And about the rats – remember, they are New York rats. They probably hitched a ride on the train haha

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