Coming soon: Clean up your Facebook profile

Post Image Apparently Facebook is gearing up to release a "profile clean-up" tool that, if enabled, will only keep a user’s top 12 applications on the main profile page, and will move the rest to an extended profile. They say they are implementing this feature in response to user feedback:

As time has gone on, we’ve received increased complaints from users that friends’ profiles are getting too cluttered, and that people are having trouble finding the information they are looking for on their friends’ profiles. On the other side, users are complaining that their own profiles are cluttered, and they have installed so many applications that it has become overwhelming to un-clutter it.

I can see how this fixes the latter problem, but how exactly does this help the user looking for their friend’s wall? As I understand it, the clean-up tool is an optional thing, meaning that unless a user cleans up their profile, it will still be overloaded as hell. I can think of more than a few friends who desperately need to get rid of their thousand applications. I don’t visit their profiles anymore, because it has become nearly impossible to do so!

What I’d really like is a "hide all applications across the site" button. Not that they’d ever give me that, but I can dream can’t I? Heck, while I’m at it an "automatically ignore all application requests" button would be nice too. Get on that will you Zuckerberg? And let me know when it’s done – kthxbye!

For more, check out ReadWriteWeb and FaceReviews.

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