Notes for 1/13/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Went to see the movie Juno last night, and loved it! Ellen Page is such a great actress. Highly recommended.
  • I picked up my new camera this week. I decided, once again, on the Canon SD870 IS. That 3 inch LCD is just so beautiful!
  • Perhaps the biggest tech story of the week was Gizmodogate. Personally, I think what Gizmodo did was crap. That’s why I read Engadget 😉
  • Torrent site Mininova has turned three years old! They had a heck of a year, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
  • A 41 year old blogger in China was beaten to death this week by government officials for attempting to film a confrontation with villagers using his cell phone. One official has been fired so far, and the investigation is ongoing.
  • Via Larry Borsato I learned of the Facebook group started by some Tim Horton’s employees that attempts to teach customers the "rules" for ordering. Larry points out that Starbucks understands the importance of making every experience a great one. Just this week one of the two drinks I ordered during a trip to Starbucks was missed, so the barista gave me a coupon for a free one. At Tim Horton’s, would I have been berated for ordering incorrectly?
  • There’s a good series of posts at River City Writer covering Reasons to Leave Edmonton. Definitely worth a read (and some thought). You may also be interested in my Why not move to Edmonton? post from July.
  • Believe it or not, employees of currently work in offices scattered all around Seattle. It’ll be another two years before they are all in the same place, a new $1.5 billion complex the company is building.
  • I really wish I could order coffee at Starbucks like this.

There has been a ton of discussion this week about podcasting, mostly as a result of this post at Mashable. I haven’t written anything about it yet, but I will. I’ve been collecting articles and giving it some thought.

3 thoughts on “Notes for 1/13/2008

  1. Thanks for the link, man.

    Also, that Gizmodo stunt was pretty lame. To paraphrase one of the people who commented on the post: Gizmodo proved why they cannot be taken seriously as journalists by doing what they did.

  2. Unfortunately, until people start to see that (some) blogs are just as valuable and reputable as the mainstream media (and sometimes more so), all it will take to discredit the entire ‘blogosphere’ is a single high-profile blog doing something stupid like this.

    Hopefully, as blogs continue to become more and more mainstream, that will stop being the case. After all, if the New York Post had done something like that, you wouldn’t hear anyone claiming that newspapers couldn’t be taken seriously. They’d only be saying it about the Post in particular, not all papers. The same will probably be true of blogs in the very near future.

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