Notes for 2/10/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • XML is ten years old today! That strikes me as being not very long. Seems like XML has been around forever. Time flies when you’re having <fun>?
  • Apparently Yahoo is talking to AOL. They must be really desperate to avoid Microsoft.
  • Apple has updated their trademark to encompass gaming. Is an Apple console on the way?
  • I ran into some problems with WordPress and email notifications again this week. I found the WP Mail SMTP plugin, and so far it was been working wonderfully. Give that a try if you’re hosting WP on IIS.
  • An Economist piece on the cable cutting that happened recently.
  • Valentine’s Day is this week! For my fellow coffee lovers: check out this open thread at the Starbucks Gossip blog. Love-related stories at Starbucks.
  • Did some work on migrating my Dad’s two blogs to WordPress, and I’d say it’s going well. Should be done for the weekend.
  • From the New York Times: Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?
  • Speaking of the election…Obama swept the weekend, prompting the Clinton campaign to make changes. Clinton still leads slightly in delegates, however.

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