Notes for 3/9/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Daylight saving time sucks. Robbed of another hour of sleep!
  • My trip to Calgary with Megan was fun! Thanks Fel for your hospitality! The trip to Peter’s Drive-In was excellent. I’ll be in Calgary again this coming weekend for Dine-Out week with Sharon.
  • Apple announced this week a bunch of enterprise features for the iPhone/iPod touch. I’m particularly excited for Exchange support! They also released the long-anticipated SDK. Oh and Kleiner Perkins announced a $100 million fund for iPhone applications. That’s ten times bigger than a similar fund for Facebook apps.
  • Microsoft screws up big time, leaving Bungie to clean up their mess. I’m really glad things worked out for the gamer.
  • I really enjoyed “The Long Tail” so I am definitely looking forward to Chris Anderson’s next book, “FREE”. His article in Wired will give you a taste of what it’s all about.
  • I’ve been reading a bit about the “Vista Capable” debacle that’s in the news right now. Apparently Wal-Mart and most other retailers hate Vista Home Basic. The New York Times has a good overview of the story. I hope Microsoft doesn’t make the same mistake with Windows 7.
  • I keep hearing about the Clover coffee maker. I’m going to try it out on the weekend at Phil & Sebastian’s in Calgary. Apparently Starbucks is testing out the $11,000 machine.
  • This is pretty damn cool, even if it is somewhat impractical: an Etch-A-Sketch clock!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 3/9/2008

  1. Peter’s is great. It’s pretty much a required dining experience when I’m in Calgary for a day or more. That, and Tubby Dog (which I only heard about recently, and haven’t yet had a chance to try).

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