Notes for 3/16/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Calgary was fun! Ate a ton of food, and have quite a few photos to upload. Was good to see Tom and Bry on the way home too! I’ll post more about the trip tomorrow probably.
  • From the Twitter blog: 17 ways to visualize the Twitter universe.
  • YouTube unleashed some new features this week, specifically around the API. They’re becoming more of a platform now.
  • Here’s an interview with the inventor of email. He says he didn’t foresee spam.
  • Local philanthropist Harriet Winspear died this week at the age of 103. Her husband, Francis, died about eleven years ago, before the concert hall named after him was completed.
  • Apparently there will be a beta of Flickr Video out in April. Not sure I want Flickr to do video, but I’ll wait to see how they integrate it. I hope it doesn’t ruin the experience for photos.
  • The 2008 Formula 1 season started this weekend with the first race in Australia. Lewis Hamilton got the win, Ferrari had a bad weekend.
  • Short week this week (and next) thanks to Easter.

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