Notes for 4/6/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Sharon and I hosted a dessert party today for a few friends. It was something that she had wanted to do for quite a long time, and it went really well! I’ll post more about it tomorrow (with pictures) – it was a lot more work than I anticipated!
  • While preparing for the dessert party, I had my iPod plugged into the stereo system for some music. It was working fine for a while, then the next thing I knew, I had a paperweight on my hands 😦 Not sure what happened, but it won’t turn on at all now. Won’t even reset. I have filled out the service thing for Apple, so hopefully it’ll get replaced soon.
  • You can find everything on the Internet: Porn for the Blind (SFW).
  • If you live near Edmonton, you almost certainly heard about the terrible accident this past week with the semi truck. Here’s the initial Edmonton Journal article.
  • It was bound to happen sooner or later – Apple has surpassed Wal-Mart to become the #1 music retailer (overall) in the United States.
  • Here’s a couple of recent pieces on blogging from the New York Times. The first talks about bloggers getting book deals, and didn’t generate a lot of discussion that I saw. The second is about the toll blogging can take on a person, and it generated tons of discussion. My favorite response is this one from Marc Andreessen.
  • In gaming news: 72% of the U.S. population plays video games, and EA has dropped the PC version of their best-selling game, Madden ’09.

Time to sleep – very tired!

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