Apple Service Experience was AWESOME

apple logo As you may know, my beloved iPod touch died recently. On Sunday, April 6th, I went to plug it in to charge it, and it fried. Wouldn’t turn on or reset or anything. I poked around the support website for a bit, but I was fairly certainly I’d have to get it serviced.

I found myself wishing this had happened after Canada Day – a new Apple Store is opening up in West Edmonton Mall on July 1st, 2008. I had no choice but to fill out the service request online. It told me to expect a package with instructions in two business days, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

Then, on Tuesday the 8th, I received the package. Count me as surprised! The instructions were really easy to follow, so I packaged up my iPod and dropped it off at UPS later that day. I figured waiting for the replacement would take a while, so I sort of forgot about it. And of course, I traveled to San Antonio this weekend.

Less than a week later, on the afternoon of Monday the 14th, my replacement iPod touch was delivered! How’s that for turnaround time?! Of course, I didn’t get back to town until last night, so I didn’t get to restore my iPod until today.

Restoring, by the way, was dead simple. I plugged it in, registered it with my Apple account, and then chose the option to restore my previous iPod. After a few minutes I found myself with everything exactly the way it was before. And I do mean everything (well except the passcode lock, which makes sense). Even the last page I had opened in Safari reloaded!

I’ve heard some good things and some bad things about Apple’s service, but I had never needed to use it until this happened. I’m so happy to report that it was a superb experience.

Thanks Apple!

4 thoughts on “Apple Service Experience was AWESOME

  1. Glad to hear you got such good service. That has been my experience as well, and Apple has rated best in satisfaction in the last Consumer Reports that dealt with this market segment, so it would seem that many other customers are having similar experiences.

  2. Are not worried that you just handed over such a large amount of information to THEM? Granted you were able to upload all of your previous data onto your new device, however what type of information did you allow them access to and what do they do with said data after your transaction?

  3. Aimee, I suppose they could get the data off my old iPod if they really wanted to (assuming it isnt totally fried). I see no reason why they’d do that though.

    And to clarify, the restore was done from my computer, they sent me a brand new, blank iPod.

  4. AA: Why should you be worried about ‘handing’ information over to “THEM” (cue scary echo voice)? Unless you’re storing child porn on your iPod Touch, I don’t think you have a lot to worry about. Anyway, what kind of important information would you store on a PDA anyway? Your schedule? Whoppeee, the Apple tech hit the jackpot there…

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