Notes for 5/4/2008

It feels like I haven’t blogged in weeks though it has only been a few days! Haven’t been on the computer much due to moving into the new apartment. Some work-in-progress photos can be seen here. Here are my weekly notes:

  • At Ikea on Friday while moving a heavy box into the van, I managed to mangle my middle finger (skin ripped off, etc). It was pretty painful, though it is healing well. This is the first time since then that I’ve really used a keyboard, and it hurts.
  • Grandma made a nice dinner tonight and we had a full house with me, Sharon, Kim, Tom, and Bry. Last night we went to Sherlock Holmes downtown for drinks, with Megan and a few others joining us. Good times!
  • This article about Grand Theft Auto IV potentially harming Iron Man’s opening box office made a lot of sense to me, but it didn’t pan out. Iron Man had the second-best premiere ever for a non-sequel, taking in $104.2 million.
  • The is a new site to catalogue companies and investors in Canada.
  • I haven’t really had a chance to read this yet, but it seems that Microsoft has walked away from the Yahoo deal. It’ll be interesting to see how badly Yahoo is punished by the markets tomorrow morning. Tons of commentary on Techmeme.

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