Notes for 5-11-2008

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Went to see Iron Man last night and quite enjoyed it! The critics pretty much unanimously agreed that Robert Downey Jr. made the film and was an excellent choice for Tony Stark. Couldn’t agree more! I look forward to the sequels.
  • I’ll admit it – I often scan things online rather then reading them closely. Research suggests the practice is common.
  • Here are some statistics about GTA IV sales thus far. Pretty amazing how well the game is selling.
  • Tonight marks the final episode of Sue Johanson’s “Talk Sex” call-in show. She’s calling it quits after 32 years of being on TV. I think it’s amazing she’s been doing it for so long…I mean, she’s 77 years old!
  • Sharon and I went to check out the new Urban Fresh Sobey’s on Jasper Avenue and 104th street yesterday after the Tweetup. The store is really nice inside, but it was extremely busy and there’s not a lot of room to move around. I’m not sure you’d want to buy all your groceries there, but the prepackaged meals and ready-to-eat food make it perfect for downtowners.
  • Can’t remember where I found this, but here’s 50 ways to help the planet.
  • I’m slowly but surely getting settled in the new apartment. Still missing a few things, but for the most part, we’re good to go.

2 thoughts on “Notes for 5-11-2008

  1. I agree that Iron Man was great. I saw it on opening night and really enjoyed it.

    I’m planning on checking out Urban Fresh soon, but I think I’ll wait until the excitement dies down a bit so that I won’t have to fit the crowd.

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