Notes for 5/18/2008

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the final day of the long weekend. Where has it gone?! Here are my weekly notes:

  • Today was the first of many blog upgrades that I’m doing for friends and family. I finally convinced Sharon to move from Blogger to WordPress, and with her own domain too! Starting today, she’ll be blogging at Only Here for the Food. Go check it out.
  • I also upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5.1. and my Dad’s blogs (which run WordPress MU) to 1.5.1. Looks like everything worked okay, but let me know if you notice any problems.
  • This is a funny video: When Facebook Meets Real Life.
  • It’s quite remarkable what you can learn in an airport. Check out this voicemail that Rick Klau overheard at Dulles (text, not audio).
  • Unsurprisingly, officials in Canada’s north are not happy about the recent U.S. decision to put polar bears on the threatened species list.
  • I started using Pidgin as my IM client for Google Talk this week. Pidgin a muli-protocol instant messaging client, which means you can login to GTalk, AIM, ICQ, and a whole bunch others all at the same time. I’m really happy with it so far! If you use it with Twitter over GTalk, you should definitely get this plugin.
  • It seems that the earthquake in China has prompted the government to ease up on Internet filtering and restrictions. I hope it’s a sign of things to come (less government filtering, not more disasters).
  • Want to buy yourself a gift, but not sure what to buy? Check out For $10, they’ll ship you something chosen at random from their inventory.

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