Facebook's new profile design

facebook Last week Facebook reiterated that profiles will soon be redesigned. They’ve been working on the changes for quite some time now. On Wednesday they held a press event for reporters and bloggers:

Earlier today we had a small press event where we walked a few reporters and bloggers through the upcoming changes to the profile. We got to reiterate our intention of making the profile cleaner and simpler, and more relevant, while still giving you control over your profile.

If you head over to http://www.new.facebook.com you can see the new profile design in action. You can also check out the Facebook Profiles Preview Page for more information, and the ability to submit feedback on the new design.

My initial impression is that the design is very devoid of color. The pages are extremely white! I like that all of the application crap has been moved to the “Boxes” tab, and I like the focus on the feed (reminds me of FriendFeed). I’m not sure it makes sense to have the “Wall” entry form at the top of the page, considering the wall isn’t even visible. On the whole, it feels very rough to me. Not sure I like it.

4 thoughts on “Facebook's new profile design

  1. Have you read the comments for the Facebook Profile Previews Page? Most people noticed that it doesn’t have the “x” to delete stories. I think that is an important feature.

    Otherwise, I agree that I don’t like it either. However, I didn’t like the first change – when they created the minifeed on your profile and showed “newsfeed” stories and now I love checking the “newsfeed” page every morning.

    I think I just generally don’t like change, but I will probably live with it because I’m addicted to facebook.

  2. Disregard the above comment regarding “x” to delete stories. I read a little further down, and your mouse has to hover the story before the “x” will appear.

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