Notes for 6/15/2008

Happy Father’s Day! Here are my weekly notes:

  • Had a great time in Calgary, and BarCamp was awesome. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.
  • Sharon and I went to see Young People Fucking last night. The movie was actually pretty good, and it was a lot funnier that I expected it to be. We thought the actors and actresses all resembled more well-known actors and actresses.
  • Opera released the latest version of its desktop browser this week. I like the new look of Opera 9.5, and it does indeed seem faster.
  • Here’s a fantastic sign-off post from one of the blogosphere’s best Microsoft commentators.
  • The empty Dell building on the southside of Edmonton is going to become the new head offices for Servus.
  • In 1983, Edmonton hosted the first and only Universiade to be held in Canada. This week it was announced that our city will have another shot at it, in 2015. The other bid the CIS evaluated was from Quebec City.
  • TechCrunch turned three years old on Wednesday. Certainly seems like it has been around a lot longer than that!

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