Another troubled Newcap station rebrands: K-Rock is K-97 once again

K-97 Back in March, Edmonton radio station Big Earl 96.3 switched formats to become Capital FM. The station (CKRA-FM) had been in decline for quite a while, prompting owner Newcap to try something new. Now they’re at it again, this time with K-Rock (officially CIRK-FM). Tune your radio dial to 97.3 FM and you’ll now hear K-97, classic rock.

Here’s what the Edmonton Radio Ratings site had to say in the Spring 2008 book:

While the return of popular morning man Terry Evans was hailed as the second coming (or the fourth or fifth instalment of his career), the station seems to be suffering from the effects of past damage done.

Once a top-three station, the blame of K-Rock’s 11th place showing can’t be solely put on on Evans’ inability to spark interest in the station (he only works mornings, after all). Look instead to a demographic that’s aging, shrinking and growing tired of the same old.

According to Wikipedia, this rebranding is actually a return to the station’s roots:

CIRK signed on the air in 1979 as K-97 and became an Edmonton favourite during the 1980’s. In 1997 the station was rebranded as K-Rock.

More detailed rating information can be found here (PDF link). The next ratings should be released next week, on July 14th. Time will tell if the new (old) name has any effect on Edmonton radio listeners.

3 thoughts on “Another troubled Newcap station rebrands: K-Rock is K-97 once again

  1. Wondered what happened… used to be THE radio station in Edmonton; too many changes over time, seems to me they lost touch with their audience and like you wrote, the audience is a’changin’.

  2. The fall started when Evans (with funnymen Bill Cowan and Steve Zimmerman) went increasingly more risque with their banter (Shock Jock style) turning off a lot of viewers and then the falling out between Terry and Steve busted up the trio finished the job of sending the popular show into the ratings gutter.

    The dry Evans return with Melissa Wright and another female sidekick, and together they made a dull and monotonous show, dropping ratings even further.

    The entertaining on-air staff at K97 is now a very short list (pretty much Rob Berg and Mike Diesel running the afternoon and evening shifts), I think their only hope to rebuild is to get back to playing as much music as possible while keeping their DJs rather quiet as they rebuild their reputation.

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