Notes for 9/7/2008

Here are my weekly notes:

Not looking forward to a five day work week!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 9/7/2008

  1. I think that tax visualisation (assuming no bias or direct support from either campaign or party) is the kind of thing that CNN should be talking about.

    I’d break out the higher tax bands to avoid scaring someone at the $600K mark with $115K of extra tax under Obama, when $115K is the average of those up to $2.87M.

    Watching the republican campaign is like reading tabloids – all scandalous bluster, but nothing that matters. That doesn’t make me a democrat, just someone that’s pointing out that they came over as desperate fools with nothing more than ex-NY mayors acting like conceited clown-like laughing bullies during sea-of-white conventions.

    It’s sad that for the republicans to win all they need to do is get enough people belittling the opposition. For the democrats to win, they have to work at getting young and new voters.

    The reality is that the whole thing is largely influenced by the media (for good or bad) because independents will never get fair/enough coverage.

  2. I agree Colin – would be great to see someone focus on this data and break it down further. Lots of great information and insight available, not enough people willing to surface it.

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