Edmonton Notes for 10/4/2008

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week:

  • Tomorrow is Homeless Connect Edmonton, an event put on by Homeward Trust to “offer our homeless neighbours kindness, hospitality and resources to assist in their progression to a safe, secure home.” Sort of related is the 2008 Homeless Count, taking place on October 21st. I’ve signed up to volunteer, and they still need more if you’re interested.
  • Initial funding for the winter festival I mentioned last week has been approved by city council.
  • Cineplex Entertainment is building a new theatre in the southwest, but it’s not just any old theatre. It has 12 screens, 6 of which are adult-only, 6 bowling lanes, and a licensed lounge. The adult theatres have “service in your seat” which seems excessive to me.
  • Adam wrote about Edmonton’s $11 House this week. It’s a contest to give away a historic house near Alberta Avenue.
  • For the last few months, Sharon has been posting a list of interesting events taking place in the city. The latest October edition was posted yesterday.
  • Found this one via Raspberry Fox: Project Porchlight will be delivering more than 130,000 free energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs in Edmonton. They are having a Pizza Party and Bulb Blitz on Tuesday, October 7th.
  • Edmonton’s bid for the 2015 University Games just got a little stronger, with the Federal Government agreeing to support the $400-million initiative.
  • The Oilers will be debuting their new third jersey on Tuesday, October 7th at 10 AM on edmontonoilers.com. If you sign up for the mailing list, you could win one of ten autographed third jerseys!

4 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 10/4/2008

  1. The comments on http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/story.html?id=625d088d-6a84-49d3-8977-30028e89fa29 are so funny….

    This person seems to think that the city is funding the cinema, and should instead be spending the money on other things. Obviously doesn’t understand the concept of private businesses…

    Tue, Sep 30, 08 at 12:51 PM
    Isn’t WEM enough? Why would this city need a luxury cinema in the first place. The folks that have been asking for a Rec. Center in the south end of town get refused their request, but yet a LUXURY CINEMA gets the “OK”? Where’s the justice? Doesn’t this city have “bigger fish to fry”? Like perhaps feeding the poor, building schools, getting more law enforcement. Hmmm. Maybe our Mayor and others in our government need a better perspective of what the people really need. Just my opinion.”

    This person doesn’t understand the concept of demographics. They want investment in the North East, even though it’s one of the poorest parts of the city, where people don’t have as much disposable income to go to the cinema…

    “Can we get just a normal, new theatre on the north side? Oh yeah, they’re putting in a mental-health and addiction facility down the street instead. All the jobs are north east, yet they put all the good places to live on the south west. City planners = FAIL.”

    This person seems to assume “adult only” means porn…

    Wed, Oct 1, 08 at 12:09 AM
    Adult Only ?? What on earth will they be showing, I hope this isn’t a strip club, made legal. Where do they plan on getting staff, for that matter where will all the customers come from? At prices being so high at a regular theater one can just imagine what the cost will be to get into this. Edmonton just isn’t the city that’s ready for something like this.”

    People are funny, in a sad kind of way

  2. Haha…the best part about those comments: “I hope this isn’t a strip club, made legal.”

    Does this person not realize that strip clubs are, in fact, legal and that Edmonton has several of them?

  3. I’m intrigued by the idea of adults only, if only to say that then it doesn’t matter what the rating is, there will be no kids. That doesn’t, however, mean that there will be no stupid people. Unfortunately, we can’t discriminate.

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