Notes for 10/13/2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are my weekly notes:

  • I had three Thanksgiving Dinners this weekend, two with turkey and one Asian-style. So much food! My photos here.
  • Sharon and I went to Body Worlds yesterday. The first part was really hot and narrow, everyone was packed in like sardines. I thought it would take hours to get through, but once we got to the second room it wasn’t so bad. I thought Body Worlds was interesting, but I wasn’t seriously impacted or anything. The next major exhibit at the Telus World of Science is called The Art of Brick, featuring The Brick Artist, Nathan Sawaya. It opens December 20th. Yay Lego!
  • My favorite task management app, Remember The Milk, just turned three years old! Happy Birthday RTM! Looking forward to many more great things (like an iPhone app maybe?).
  • Uncov is back! Yes, Ted has decided to resume writing one of the most entertaining blogs on the Intertubes. Check out his newest post, A Bloggers Guide to Armchair Economics.
  • Apple is launching something big tomorrow. Ryan Block wonders if, given the current economic situation, this is the best time for Apple to be launching new laptops. Mary Jo Foley wonders if a sub-$1000 Apple laptop would hurt Microsoft?
  • Amazon S3 is now storing 29 billion objects. Very impressive.
  • Sharon’s first article was published in Vue Weekly this week. I’m so proud of her! You can read her interview with Sebastian Lysz here.
  • The last presidential debate takes place on Wednesday! Here’s a fun mage thread on Fark…what would you equate the candidates with?

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