Canada votes, nothing changes

Another Canadian election has come and gone, and nothing has changed. Despite just over a month and millions of dollars spent on the campaigns, we are once again left with a minority Conservative government. Does this mean we’ll be back at the polls again soon? So far analysis suggests it’ll be 2010.

Here’s the news from CBC:

As the final tally approached, the Conservatives were up less than one per cent in the overall popular vote, which translated into a 20-seat increase from the last federal election. The Liberals, in turn, were down 2.4 per cent, or 25 seats, according to the projections.

I didn’t feel a connection with any of the parties or their leaders. I ended up voting for the Green Party. In the past, I’ve voted Liberal, NDP, and Conservative. I studied the ballot for a long time today, but couldn’t find Barack Obama’s name. I really wish we had inspirational leaders like they do south of the border!

Speaking of which, with the Canadian election now finished, I can turn my full attention back to the American election. The third and final presidential debate takes place tomorrow night at 9 PM EST. Go Obama!

UPDATE: CBC says voter turnout was less than 60%. About ten million Canadians gave up their right to complain. Sad.

UPDATE (1:20 AM MT): Voter turnout hovers at around 59%, the worst turnout in Canadian history. NDP candidate Linda Duncan pulled off a major upset in Edmonton – Strathcona, defeating incumbent Rahim Jaffer by just 442 votes. The Conservatives otherwise swept Alberta.

4 thoughts on “Canada votes, nothing changes

  1. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the polls tonight — something unexpected came up during the time I had planned to vote 😦

    Ignoring the candidates/party I personally favour, I was *really* hoping that a majority government would be formed this time…

  2. I’m surprised there was no mention from you about the Twitter involvement in last nights CBC coverage. It was quite interesting. Not sure of the relevancy, or whether it was just an attempt to seem connected to the ‘digital crowd’, but interesting to see CBC doing it none the less

  3. Agreed re: CBC’s poor Twitter coverage. And with your comment re: lack of connection with the leaders.

    Now, a friend suggested that the young J. Trudeau may be worth watching in a couple of years. Well, if the Liberals can hold out that long, Canadians may begin to forgive/forget the recent past and look to them when the Tory’s are old and tired.

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