Edmonton Notes for 11/15/2008 – Holiday Light Up! Edition

Earlier this evening, Sharon and I went to check out the Christmas on the Square Holiday Light Up! event. Mayor Mandel and Santa were on hand to help light up the largest Christmas tree we’ve ever had in Edmonton – 83 feet tall, with over 8000 energy efficient lights on it! BrightNights was also launched, and there were choirs, free wagon rides, and a tented version of the 104th Street City Market. Great weather today meant that Churchill Square was absolutely packed!

Holiday Light Up!Holiday Light Up!

You can see more photos and video here. The neat thing about the fireworks is that they were timed to the music!

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week:

4 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/15/2008 – Holiday Light Up! Edition

  1. I can’t believe Grafikom shut down! This is not good for me… but I’m done doing print work, so I’m not too affected by this… but print work was my backup job! They were a pretty big plant… and the Jasper one was shut down a few years back… so this is worrying me…

    Not only the Edmonton plant was shut down, but so was the Calgary one! :/

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