Tech Days Canada 2008 Instructors on Twitter

tech days My list of CanUX 2008 Attendees on Twitter was well-received (and I found it useful myself), so I thought I’d do something similar for Tech Days. Instead of attendees however (not possible given that thousands of people across the country have attended), I’ve started a list of instructors on Twitter (there are about 70 instructors listed at the official site). The people on this list are leaders in the Developer and IT Pro communities in Canada, so follow them and I’m sure you’ll learn something new!

Here is everyone I’ve found so far:

Christian Beauclair –
Damir Bersinic –
John Bristowe –
Rodney Buike –
Miguel Carrasco –
Kelly Cassidy –
Rick Claus –
Joey deVilla –
Stephen Giles –
Barnaby Jeans –
Adam Kahtava –
James Kovacs –
Paul Laberge –
Mack Male –
Jason Miller –
Daniel Nerenberg –
John Oxley –
Steve Porter –
Pierre Roman –
Bil Simser –

If you should be on the list or know of someone else who should be, please let me know and I’ll update it!

You might want to follow the official Tech Days Canada account too!

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