Edmonton Notes for 1/17/2009

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week:

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 1/17/2009

  1. I’d skip Ice on Whyte this year. Unfortunately, the record high temperatures have wrecked havoc on the ice sculptures. When I visited on Saturday, nearly every sculpture had been damaged by the warmth, at least one had melted and fallen apart so much that it was no longer recognizable as anything more than a pile of large ice blocks.

    It only costs $2 to get in, but it’s $2 that would be better spent elsewhere, unfortunately.

  2. Ice does revert back to water when the temperature reaches above zero, but all efforts have been made to keep the festival going. Live entertainment has filled the tent for the past two nights and continues until the end of week. They have planned one block carving competition goes on Thursday night, so the park will be filled with new pieces for the weekend. A toonie isn’t much to ask, to help keep a family festival alive.

  3. Timothy: I wasn’t aware that the Festival was making up for the uncooperative weather in other ways. My comment wasn’t meant as a slight against Ice on Whyte. I appreciate and enjoy the Festival, I was just commenting on the fact that, unfortunately, the weather has hurt the Festival this year.

    But, you’re right, a toonie isn’t much to ask. And, though I didn’t mention it, the Festival site is still a great place for families. The ice slides, for one, are still in tact, which makes for great fun for kids.

    And, creating new pieces and having live entertainment on site will definitely help liven things up. Plus, this weekend is set to be a cold one, so I hope that the Festival is a success again this year.

    In fact, I will try to come out again this weekend just to see the new sculptures.

    Thanks for the head’s up. I appreciate it, and I’m sure Mack and his other readers do as well.

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