Notes for 2/1/2009

Here are my weekly notes:

  • Didn’t watch all of the Super Bowl today, but caught most of the second half. Quite entertaining! Now I’ll have to go watch all the commercials online. One thing I already watched was the Transformers 2 teaser! It’s gonna rock!
  • Also: It should be called Handegg.
  • On Friday, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) announced a 20-year deal with Wi-Fi Rail Inc., to outfit 104 miles of track and 43 stations with wireless Internet access by 2011. It won’t be free to use, but it’s not too expensive – yearly access will cost $300 when fully complete.
  • I think this is cool: TripIt has an API! Now I want a WordPress widget.
  • CoverItLive is a service that helps you live-blog an event. On Wednesday, it was announced that they raised $1.2 million. One to keep an eye on, I think.
  • Long Zheng posted about a potential security issue with the way Microsoft has implemented UAC in Windows 7. I agree with Long, I think it’s something they should change, even if it is by design as they claim.
  • On Tuesday, Liz at Three Bright Stars gave me a “Lemonade Award” for my post about Free WiFi. Thanks Liz, much appreciated!
  • I’ve run into rate-limiting issues with Twitter’s API this weekend. I requested whitelisting on Tuesday, but still haven’t heard back. Kind of annoying.

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