Notes for 4/12/2009

Happy Easter! Here are my weekly notes:

  • I haven’t been online much this weekend, mainly because I’ve been working on ShareEdmonton. I’m making really good progress on it – more to share later in the week!
  • The Journal wrote about how Twitter was used in a recent baby kidnapping, and they interviewed me for it.
  • Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of The Matrix. I still love that movie.
  • There’s a new, more Twitter-like interface for FriendFeed now in beta testing. I haven’t been using FriendFeed very much lately, but my initial impression of the new design is positive.
  • From Real Marketshare of Canadian Carriers. They note that Bell has kept its share largely by purchasing Aliant, Telus is growing aggressively, and Rogers didn’t see as large a bump from the iPhone as you’d expect.
  • The Alberta budget for 2009 was released on Wednesday – Dave has the details.
  • As mentioned in the comments on my Edmonton notes, the Oilers were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this week. Not sure who to cheer for now!
  • Here’s a really great idea from Boris Mann: Web apps should let me “bring my own storage”. That would indeed be pretty cool.

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