TweetSharp for Twitter developers using .NET

Since January I’ve been using a library called TweetSharp in my various Twitter-related programming projects (including my monthly stats posts). Not only has it saved me from all of the effort that would have gone into writing my own Twitter library for .NET, but it has also taught me a few things about fluent interfaces, OAuth, and other topics. Here’s the description from the relatively new official website:

TweetSharp is a complete .NET library for microblogging platforms that allows you to write short and sweet expressions that convert automatically to web queries and fly to Twitter on your behalf.

Maybe this is a generalization but I often feel that .NET developers get the short end of the stick when the “cool kids” release sample code for their APIs. Or more accurately, C# developers get the short end of the stick (because you can run Python, Ruby, and other languages on .NET if you really want to). Thus I’m grateful that Dimebrain (Daniel Crenna) has developed such a useful library.

TweetSharp is open source and under active development (hosted on Google Code), with a growing base of users reporting and fixing issues (I helped with the Twitter Search functionality initially). If you’re writing any kind of software for Twitter using .NET, you should be using TweetSharp.

2 thoughts on “TweetSharp for Twitter developers using .NET

  1. I am using the Tweet# package, and have run into an issue with the &oauth_callback parameter, Twitter is using my Setup page url regardless of what I set it to. The line in question is pretty much straight of the sample docs. Have you found a work around? Is this issue related to the OAuth 1.a rewrite?
    Any info about this would be most helpful, thanks.

    I agree that C# or even VB are the last kidz on the block to get the cool toyz.
    var authorizeUrl = FluentTwitter.CreateRequest().Authentication.GetAuthorizationUrl(request.Token,”http://localhost/Twitter.aspx”);

  2. i need a code to reterieve the authenticated twitter user tweets displayed in application using tweetsharp please help me out

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